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Ghosts, Hospitals, And Date Mishaps: 12 Hilarious Pranks That Idols Fell Victim To

And realising that his date is probably only going from bad to worse anyway, he takes their advice. What follows is the most cringe-inducing dinner on earth, with the lad recording him playing a couple of cheeky pranks on the girl.


The joker then proceeds to actually ruffle her perfectly preened hair and video the results to prove it. A-And do I have like a selection of females to choose from who I would like to snuggle with or how does that work? Uhmm, there are two people who are available Colleen and Michelle and it's partly dependent on scheduling so If you were able to accommodate their schedule then yeah, you could pick which one.

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This kinda came to mind just because I'm a little bit worried, uh W-What's the protocol if somebody happens to, you know, accidentally, inevitably, unintentionally get excited? It's not a problem, that's a normal reaction. But we just kinda avoid making any direct physical contact. So you might wanna change positions or take a breath and take a break, but it doesn't mean the session has to end.

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  8. I just wanna make sure that if someone gets poked they're not gonna be like: You know what I mean? Yeah, you m-, I mean You might wanna change positions so it's not a distraction. Because if I'm laying on my back we're not exactly snugglin', know what I mean?

    Hilarious Street Prank Brings Strangers in for Unique First Date

    I-I like to be the big spoon, I can't be no little spoon. Fake a serious injury. Jump out at them when they least expect it. Tell them you've been talking to your ex.


    Nick Offerman returns with some deeply insightful shower thoughts. Link to full video in bio.

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    funny dating pranks Funny dating pranks
    funny dating pranks Funny dating pranks
    funny dating pranks Funny dating pranks
    funny dating pranks Funny dating pranks
    funny dating pranks Funny dating pranks
    funny dating pranks Funny dating pranks

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