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The dish has a small chip on the lip pictured: Otherwise, in great condition. It is oval in shape, clear glass in color, 1 QT. It is marked with the J, USA and is microwave safe. In great used condition. The lid with the knob has pebble textured glass around the center which is why it appears cloudy in the photos.

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The gold trim on the other lid is intact an Milk glass small baking dish or loaf pan. I believe this is Glasbake. Green floral pattern on one side. I do not see Glasbake Green and White design milk glass casserole divided dish from the 60s? They come in a variety of colors and lettering styles. All are highly collectible.

Please take a look at our pages of Jadite Reproductions to learn about some of the repros you are likely to encounter. More recently, a new problem has emerged for Fire-King collectors with the introduction of jade-ite aka: Fire-King , which was first mentioned on our Fire-King News page. Initial reports indicated that the new restaurant ware would be marked with only a paper label that could easily be removed. Production of Fire-King dinnerware fake restaurant ware has been cancelled indefinitely.

It is not available for sale anywhere.

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A few pieces of Brazilian-made jade-ite Fire-King ovenware are available in specialty stores. Even though they are new…they certainly are worth something…. Yes, they are jade-ite, and yes they are made, in Brazil, by a company that owns the Fire-King name. Is a Chevy the same as a new Chevy? They both say Chevrolet on the back.

Dating glasbake

But which one appeals to collectors? It is the demand for the older things that remind us of our youth that determines their worth or value. Most of the pieces that I have collected so far have numbers on the back next to the Fire King mark. What do the numbers mean? Those are batch or lot numbers.

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If a manufacturing defect showed up in any piece, it could be traced back to the place and time it was produced and other pieces so marked could be recalled. I just bought a Fire-King casserole dish on a chrome stand and a utility baking dish. The bottom of the dishes are stamped Fire-King. Can you tell me how old these might be? What you have is called an After Market piece. Many Fire-King pieces were sold to other companies who then added their own metal stands, racks, holders, etc. To get an idea of the approximate age of your piece, please see the table at the top of this page.

The following is a list of trademarks: Anchor-Hocking Logos to to 2.

Is it safe to put Fire-King in the dishwasher — or even a microwave? All Anchor-Hocking products are lead free. What is the difference between a Breakfast Bowl and a Chili Bowl? There are so many different mugs.

FAQs for Fire-King Collectors | Fire-King Mug

Chocolate, Small Restaurant, Extra Heavy. Type Height Diameter Capacity Standard square-handled 88 mm 84 mm 9. Extra-Heavy Restaurant 88 mm 84 mm 7.

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Small Restaurant 86 mm 81 mm 7. Are you holding onto your hats? Mark Hargreaves produced a CD on Flamex, for more information about this topic visit: This product has a "Saben Glass Company" but is Glasbake. Cameo Glasbak was advertised to serve oven-to-table in glass that looked as lovely as china. The advertisements read " Cameo in Glasbake contrasts classic Grecian figures in white against a background of soft Olympic Blue.

There is also a "Cameo" pattern. Prices are higher for these pieces because of their sweet look. You will find lovely photos of "Wild Rose" in a butter dish, refrigerator dish two sizes and also in a lovely covered canister set in Florence's Ovenware book by Collectorbooks. Bak ers and Casseroles of Glasbake Probably most of us are familiar with this cute individual bakers. I have heard many people refer to them as "soup bowls". But they were originally advertised as "French Casseroles". They come in a variety of colors. Some complete sets come with serving tiles to place under the baker or casserole.

Mauzy, SchifferBooks Flamex Information: She is also the Editor of Iantiqueonline. To read more articles by C. Dianne Zweig click on this link: Dianne Zweig at 3: Betty picture circa June 7, at 2: Southern Lady's Vintage June 7, at 7: Enquiring Mind October 11, at 3: Protector of Vintage January 28, at JonKen March 20, at 2: Anonymous May 8, at 5: Unknown January 3, at 7: Tina aka forrestina vintage August 14, at 2: John DDuncan December 18, at 3: Patrick McGinnis May 28, at 6: Shit happens when I leave the house September 29, at 1: Cee Jay January 16, at Ann May 25, at 4: Cheryl Strimple August 28, at 4: Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Where to Find Me C. Dianne's Art Studio Enjoy the colordul ride as Dianne takes you along to some of her favorite art studios, exhibits, shows, markets etc.

Glasbake Casseroles

Advice on starting and running an antique biz.

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