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Target also makes reproductions, like their reproduction of the famous ball jug. How can you tell one from the other? Plus, use your common sense. If it looks too new to be vintage, it probably is. Clambroth is a more translucent green glass found in both vintage and contemporary designs.

Some collectors consider it jadeite, while others say no way. Some collectors prefer to display their vintage stuff while using the newer, replaceable pieces. Others use their vintage jadeite daily without worrying or thinking twice. The milk glass also has a certain look to it. Collecting is easy to find when you know where to look. Lurking on sites like eBay and Etsy to learn, rather than buy, is also a good way to get exposed to different pieces.

Antique malls often label items, so soak up knowledge and take notes while you browse. Like Pyrex, Jadeite is starting to show up more as people downsize. Check our website for jadeite at estate sales or set up an alert in our daily mailer, which tells you when and where the estate sales are happening near you. Post it in the comments below! Are you an estate sale company or auctioneer? Coco, I will ask around to see if anyone knows anything about this Macy's jadeite. I've never heard that they even offered any. I had some, and it was lost in a move.

The bowls were squarish and I loved them.

Jadeite (kitchenware)

I'd love to find them again. Oh Tracie that's heart breaking to loose such a treasure! Fire king had a line that was square. I think it was called charm?? Is that right David? You can find collections in antique shops, auctions, flea markets. I haven't seen any green jadeite charm in a long time tho. Good luck don't give up looking! Coco, the square plates are indeed the Charm pattern. Do a quick search on ebay to see if you can locate any. Flea markets and antique shops always have a bit of jadeite. There is always Brimfield in Massachusetts!

I am a jadeite junkie! I remember watching Martha Stewart's show and seeing the green glass in the background, wondering where could I get it. Remember her green and white polka dot mixing bowls. I've been in search for the grill plates and finally found 12 in mint conditioned, never used! I also collect restaurant ware and have plates and cups so far. Don't know if there were salad plates back in the day, but I suppose I could use dessert plates as salad plates.

David, I love your website and your blog. I come to your site everyday, and have made man recipes.

Parsimonia {Secondhand With Style}: Vintage Jadeite

Thank you so much. Teresa, thank you for liking the blog and following! It means everything in the world to me. And yes, I am somewhat of a jadeite junkie myself, although I have so many items that I need to acquire. Those polka dot bowls are still not a part of my kitchen! Happy Thanksgiving to you Teresa. I have kept it packed up all these years. Would you know if anyone collects them? Anonymous, not knowing which child tea set you have several were made by various glassworks , I can say that people do collect them. Try putting them up on eBay or Etsy. Someone will buy them.

A dear friend of mine died recently and I have been entrusted to sell his huge jadeite collection. This task is overwhelming me. Can you offer any pointers? His stuff is the foregoing jadeite. Well, you can always try selling it on consignment at a consignment shop, or if it's a really large collection, try an antique mall. Check to see if any vendors are selling jadeite, and pick up their business card. You can always inquire to see if they'd be willing to buy from you. They might be willing to buy the entire collection.

Whether or not you want to sell by the piece or as a lot will be entirely up to you or his estate. Also, it might be advantageous to get the entire lot appraised, especially if there are rare and expensive pieces. I am collecting fireking Jadeite. If you are still cosidreing to sell, I would like to buy them.

I sold my whole collection I drove it down to Nashville, Tennesse I have a collection of Anchor Hocking Fire King Jade-ite including 8 lunch size plates, 8 small bread? I think they date from the 60's. They are mint condition with no chips.. I went to an antique shop in MA but they were moving and had no room for any consignment items. They also didn't seem to know much about the glass. What I would do if I were you would be to check all "sold" sales on eBay advance search for the pieces of Fire King restaurant ware that you have, and base them off of that.

That should give you an idea of what those pieces are selling for. Thank you David for this incredibly helpful post! I've only recently discovered jadeite, and it's become a fast passion. I so appreciate the information! You're so welcome, Alli! I wish you success in your hunt for everything jadeite. Visit antique malls always overpriced, but very informative , shops, consignment stores, flea markets, etc.

Have fun collecting this beautiful green glass!! I hope someone will see this since the blog post is pretty old. I am trying to figure out if it is real or a reproduction. I know it is old as it was found with other depression glass items that were from my grandma's house and she passed away in Are there only reproductions from onward or if it was purchased back in the 60s or 70s could it still be a reproduction? Is there any way to be able to tell if it is real? Thanks for the help! Kristie, are you a part of the American Jadeite Collector's group on Facebook?

You should join in order to post your question. Those ball jugs were reproduced in , so they're out there. I don't own any, but I know people who have them. Thank You for Posting! Wednesday, May 22, Collecting Jadeite. With its origins dating back to the s, jadeite glassware began its mass production through the McKee Glass Co.

Glassmakers catered jadeite to the American public as an inexpensive alternative to earthenware soon after the Depression, both for the home and for its use in restaurants.

Vintage 101: Jadeite, Dating Fire King Pieces

The Jeanette Glass Company and Anchor Hocking introduced their own patterns and styles, which for many collectors, produced some of the most sought after pieces. Companies marketed this beautiful glass under the monikers of jadite , jadeite , jade glass , jad-ite , jade-ite , so however you want to spell it, let it draw you in for a closer look. A Beautiful Jadeite Collection. From the private collection of Nick Stein. Collecting jadeite is a passion for many.

People adore the soft green hue of this glass to no end and are devoted to collecting it for their homes. There are collectors who will tell you that they only collect one pattern of jadeite and are dedicated to getting as much of it as they can. Whether you collect it by the dozens or own a few pieces that you cherish, jadeite is forever woven into the fabric of this country.

Martha Stewart's Westport Television Studios. One cannot talk about jadeite, of course, without mentioning Martha Stewart. Gracing her former Westport Television Studios, the glassware became a fixture on many programs and in her magazine throughout the years. Smith to reproduce certain pieces for Martha by Mail , many of us were able to begin our contemporary collections of this beautiful green glass. I recently asked some of them if they would supply me with a few photographs of their beautiful collections for Good Things by David , and naturally, they agreed.

Their home is devoted to nothing but good things, and it is because of this that I asked them to share some of their jadeite collection with us. They're not stamped underneath, and although I suppose it's possible that I stumbled upon a treasure, it's unlikely. Though I love them just the same.

Your Birthstones by Month, Color & Sign

I asked Clay how he started collecting this glassware. The ad had the three jadeite hobnail cake stands in graduated sizes all stacked up, and I thought it was beautiful, so I bought it on the spot, had them all gift wrapped and rush delivered to me.

From then, I started buying much more from the catalog, and looking through antique stores and ebay to find new things. Martha Stewart Signature Jadeite Chandelier. I don't really see any reason to have beautiful things if they're just going to be locked away or hidden under slipcovers. But I always prefer restaurant ware to the other Fire King patterns. I don't cook much, so I'm not even sure that I define 'useful' like most people would. Cataloguing of the collections is almost complete, though work continues to add more detailed records and images.

Why this green stone can be worth more than gold - BBC. Good Things by David: With its origins dating back to the s, jadeite glassware began its mass production through the McKee Glass Co. Garnet, any member of a group of common silicate minerals that have similar crystal structures and chemical compositions. They may be colourless, black, and many shades of red and green.

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Garnets, favoured by lapidaries since ancient times and used widely as an abrasive, occur in rocks of each of. In ancient China, dating back to at least 5, BC, large stone discs were placed on the bodies of Chinese aristocrats. Their original function still eludes scientists, as does the way in which they were made, considering they were carved out of Jade, an extremely hard rock.

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