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If you are offended to hear that Jewish culture has a negative term for non-Jews, I would recommend that you stop and think about the many negative terms and stereotypes that your culture has for Jews. I once received a message from a man who told me that many Jews do not like gentiles.

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He knew this because his Jewish girlfriend's friends and parents disapproved of him. I explained that these people did not disapprove of him because he was Christian; they disapproved of him because he was a Christian dating a Jew, which is another issue altogether. Traditional Judaism does not permit interfaith marriages. The Torah states that the children of such marriages would be lost to Judaism Deut. The National Jewish Population Survey found that only a third of interfaith couples raise their children Jewish, despite increasing efforts in the Reform and Conservative communities to welcome interfaith couples.

This may reflect the fact that Jews who intermarry are not deeply committed to their religion in the first place: Certainly, the statistics show that intermarried Jews are overwhelmingly less likely to be involved in Jewish activities: These statistics and more are sufficiently alarming to be a matter of great concern to the Jewish community.

And the rate of intermarriage has grown dramatically in recent years: One Orthodox Jew I know went so far as to state that intermarriage is accomplishing what Hitler could not: That is an extreme view, but it vividly illustrates how seriously many Jews take the issue of intermarriage. The more liberal branches of Judaism have tried to embrace intermarried couples, hoping to slow the hemorrhaging from our community, but it is questionable how effective this has been in stemming the tide, given the statistics that intermarried couples are unlikely to have any Jewish involvement or to raise their children Jewish.

They note that if the non-Jewish spouse truly shares the same values as the Jewish spouse, then the non-Jew is welcome to convert to Judaism, and if the non-Jew does not share the same values, then the couple should not be marrying in the first place.

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Many people who are considering interfaith marriage or dating casually dismiss any objections as prejudice, but there are some practical matters you should consider. And before you casually dismiss this as ivory tower advice from a Jewish ghetto, let me point out that my father, my mother and my brother are all intermarried, as well as several of my cousins. These are just a few of the more important considerations in interfaith relationships that people tend to gloss over in the heat of passion or in the desire to be politically fashionable.

In general, Jews do not try to convert non-Jews to Judaism.

In fact, according to halakhah Jewish Law , rabbis are supposed to make three vigorous attempts to dissuade a person who wants to convert to Judaism. As the discussion above explained, Jews have a lot of responsibilities that non-Jews do not have.

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To be considered a good and righteous person in the eyes of G-d , a non-Jew need only follow the seven Noahic commandments, whereas a Jew has to follow all commandments given in the Torah. If the potential convert is not going to follow those extra rules, it's better for him or her to stay a gentile, and since we as Jews are all responsible for each other, it's better for us too if that person stayed a gentile. Marriage Unique for a Reason. USCCB assumes no responsibility for these websites, their content, or their sponsoring organizations.

Ecumenical and Interfaith Marriages. Catholic-Muslim Marriages Marriages between Catholics and Muslims present their own particular challenges. Planning a Catholic Wedding Planning your wedding is a way to grow spiritually as a couple.

Jewish Attitudes Toward Non-Jews

Try a Team Approach Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving - with your spouse! Marriage Welcomes Life How have your children blessed your marriage? View Previous Marriage Tips. Planning a Catholic Wedding. Obstacles to a Healthy Marriage Lifelong marriage is still the ideal. What gets in the way of thi Signs of a Successful Relationship Want a good relationship?

Goy meets girl: How interfaith couples make it work

Look for these signs. Is online dating a waste of time if I want to get married? Step back and consid Reasons not to Marry Marriage is a big decision, be sure you're doing it for the right A Catholic marriage is more than a contract, it is a sacrament. Ecumenical and Interfaith Marriages Marrying someone of another faith?

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A few things to consider. A Letter from a Newlywed Couple Marriage is full of surprises - just wait for them. Encouragement and Enrichment Good marriages can always be made better! Marital Sexuality The two purposes of marital sexuality: A Virtue to Take Seriously Joy and humor are important parts of any relationship.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach advises a Jewish man who is dating a Catholic woman - Beliefnet

The Vocation of Marriage Marriage is a call to holiness. Was she just waiting for him to settle down with a nice Jewish girl? Perhaps she saw me as temporary. Did you parents ingrain that in you when you were growing up and started dating? I began to wonder if his mother had simply given up on his marrying one of his own, or if perhaps I was just fooling myself.

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And yet, maybe that was the exact problem. If he were any more invested in his faith though and wanted me to take the same interest in it as his other passions—baseball, Marvel comic book movies, barbecue—I certainly would. My family has embraced him as far as I can see. Converting to Judaism, however, would not be so cut and dry. Stacey Gawronski is an editor at Refinery

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