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Prior to the lesson, the classroom should ideally be arranged for paired work. Best of all is to arrange the chairs in the room in two rows, facing each other, ready for the conversations to take place. Once the students are in the room, divide the class into two groups. Members of the first team should be given a number e. The process then repeats for as long as the teacher feels appropriate.

At the end of the exercise, each student should be asked who they felt they were best matched with. These results should recorded on the board. The individual can then choose a winner, or the class could vote instead. Overview The speed-dating format is designed to help students spot comparisons and contrasts between different ideas, answers or categories of information.

Exchanging factual information It works particularly well for topics where there are lots of key personalities to learn about: The students can then take a picture of it for future use. They can also develop it further in study sessions. Bilingual songs for starters. Students enjoy the songs and learn not only key vocabulary and also stances.

I also send the songs to them by email so they can listen to them at home. Bingo — good to learn key vocabulary or used for revision. Students all have to ask 1 student the question in full sentence in target language and the student will pick one answer and reply with full sentence. Students take turns till someone has won. They love the prize. All students have flashcards with French phrase on one side and English on other side. They then take turns to quiz each other. When finished they trade the flashcards and move on to quiz or test another person with their new card.

An added element is to collect signatures. At end of task, discuss with the class who was a good coach to give peer feedback and praise. They then bring it back to me for checking and if it is correct they keep the strip and get a new one to take back to group again. If they get it wrong then I take it off them, but they still get a new strip to take to the group.

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Once all strips are gone or after a certain time limit the group with the most correct strips are the winners. This is very active as students are coming out to the front and very competitive too! Slam — two students come to the front of the class and compete against each other. There are pictures on the white board and pupils have to hit the picture which represents the word or phrase I say.

Winner is the student who hits the picture first. Middle boys respond very well to any element of competition and kinaesthetic activities. Exceptional effort and participation can mean a scoring a hatrick. Team transfers are possible during the transfer season for teams that have performed well. The team that has won the most number of matches every two weeks wins a prize.

Speed Dating in the Classroom | LOOK OUT FOR LEARNING

This encourages students to work together in teams and promotes positive engagement and good behaviour. Students see their efforts recognised and rewarded quickly and regularly. I have a red, yellow and blue hatrick cards laminated and use to replace or support verbal warnings as a visual aid. Any argument with the referee incurs a further penalty. This can support any classroom activity and I have used this system for a full academic year before with classes and helps students to make good progress. I have a SAM Leadership board for my mixed ability Year 11 Spanish group that I display outside of my classroom aimed to create a competitive spirit amongst the middle boys.

I reward movement up the chart. Photos of my Middle boys ideas from the speed dating. The focus is on kinaesthetic: I have designed a iTunes U course on rivers which can be accessed by the students on their iPads at home and in school. My idea is a league table that I use with my foundation boys revision session.

Learning to shape the future

They receive a point per mark in the questions we go through in the session. They get very enthusiastic due to the competition and they start to revise and to go to revision sessions. Used when students need to learn and annotated diagram eg oxbow lake formation, waterfall or longshore drift. A nominated student from each row comes to the board and from memory must recreate the diagram and annotated appropriately.

The rest of the row cannot help them at this point.

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I had a photocopy of one of my year 10 boys work from when we did Antarctica. The problem was linked to the picture so was more straight forward with some thinking to work out the solution. Ideal for middle boys with no writing required and it can look neater. Can also be differentiated so colours can be used to sort problems from solutions. I use key word chop to motivated the middle ability boys. Click on the link to download the Powerpoint slides: I use cymbals to quieten the class, control behaviour and move pupils on from one task to the next.

When I use the symbols to quieten class they have 2 dings to be quiet if I have to do a third ding then those talking will be in a break detention — I rarely have to do 3 as the rest of the class encourage each other to be quiet. I use a take away homework with year 7. Click on this link for a copy: Takeaway homework Year 7 student copy. Good for boys because it involves movement around the class and talking to each other.

My idea was for a year 7 History lesson. Students have to recreate their own interpretation of a Medieval town or village. They love using something different like that in a lesson. The idea is that you put an important activity in the middle and a range of activities around the edge. Students have to complete a straight line through the middle. Pros for middle boys. The homework tends to have a high completion rate and this high completion helps narrow the gap for students.

This homework would last 6 weeks. Click on this link to download the resource: Year 9 Tic Tac toe WW2. Students earn credits throughout the lesson for contributing either when targeted by the teacher or when offering an answer. When a student earns a credit they will have their name written on a card and these should be placed in a male and female reaping bowl. For more information click on this link: The Hunger Games rewards. Revision Catch Ball , numbered ball students pick number as it it thrown, question is asked, competitive for middle boys.

Review bingo, again competitive. Bingo cards, can be key words, either just read out the definition then students cover the word or read the word, then in order to cover it , students have to give you the definition. The ideas are on slides 6 to Slide 6 was used to provide the key ideas. Slides 7,8,9,and 10 contained the same pictures with a different picture missing on each one.

It was to help mixed ability boys focus on a list of points to allow them to build up a detailed knowledge: How do Buddhists worship. The idea is to promote developed answers from middle ability boys.

Micro Presentations and Speed Dating

The ball flashes for when they catch the ball they have to give an answer that lasts the entirety of the time the ball flashes. This means no one word answers.

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  6. Competition activity for middle boys. It is called the elimination game. This can be used as a starter to recap, plenary or a mini plenary during the lesson to assess learning. Every student is given a number between 1 and however many are in the class but they are not to share this with anyone. All students remember their numbers and stand up.

    The teacher asks the class a question and the first person to raise their hand will be chosen to answer any student that raises their hand before the question is finished will not get to answer. They have to answer within 5 seconds of the question being asked otherwise they are eliminated and sit down out of the game. If they get it correct they get to choose 2 numbers and the students with those numbers are eliminated and sit down teacher will cross off the numbers on the board that have been said.

    The game continues with the same process until only one person is left standing -this is the winner. A prize of some sort is given to the winner. This could be a merit or I use a lucky dip bin with a variety of prizes, like quirky stationary. Quite often the boys get very competitive and are desperate to answer the questions.

    The teacher then has flexibility to ask students to extend their answers when they have been chosen. If you ask a bonus question with more challenge and no one left in the game can answer, the question can be opened up to those who are out. If they get it right they can join the game again. I got the students to do the Hockey Cocky. This was to teach a new concept. These are 2 sheets that I have developed for middle boys.

    The Race Car Feedback is used half way through the unit and then Game feedback is after they have created their own game. Click on the links below for the resources:. The cards will have either: Game 1 — Snap: Aim — to end up with all the cards. Images can be snapped with the same image, the word or the definition. This can be used as a starter or plenary. Game 2 — Chase the Ace: Aim — Not to end up with the ace. Or in this case Virus! Game 3 — Happy Families: This could be parts needed to build a computer. You could basically adapt any card game you already know, run through the rules with the students and away you go.

    I completed a word search with my year 10 Computer Science class. The key words were based on database terminology. Students had to give definitions for at least 10 terms and then create a word search.

    Speed Dating rules

    Please see some attached documents that they completed. Click on the links to download: One person comes forward to represent the team. Using a tennis ball, or other similar item, the person holding the ball has to say a key word or term from the current topic or previous lesson. When they have said their word or term they pass the ball to another player, then this person must remember another key word or term. If anyone hesitates or repeats a word or term already used then they are out, to be replaced by another member of their team.

    When a team has run out of players then the whole team is out. The winning team is the one who does not run out of team members. I have been doing multiple choice style exam questions as a starter to my GCSE lessons which engages middle ability boys. They have thirty seconds to discuss one point they would put in the answer and then move on to another person. With the next person they share an idea and then try to gain an idea. So I put an exam question on the board and then ask the students to bullet point what I would say if I was answering the question.

    Its group work as well so they can all learn from collaborative learning. Laminated questions related to the lesson objectives with green red and amber piles to put them in. Try both at beginning and end to show progression.

    Speed Dating Revision Lesson

    I use this to start a conversation about performance technique. This is the info I then share with the students. In the TV series Futurama, a holophonor is a musical instrument that is also a hologram projector, but the catch is that you have to play it well to produce holographs.

    Harrison Krix made this fictional instrument a reality. He converted an old clarinet by adding 54 LEDs and various other parts to get the look right.

    speed dating revision lesson Speed dating revision lesson
    speed dating revision lesson Speed dating revision lesson
    speed dating revision lesson Speed dating revision lesson
    speed dating revision lesson Speed dating revision lesson
    speed dating revision lesson Speed dating revision lesson
    speed dating revision lesson Speed dating revision lesson
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    speed dating revision lesson Speed dating revision lesson

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