Ex is dating a younger girl

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Maybe the third time is a charm. I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Give up the idea that you'll ever have sex on the weekends during football season. He likes his beer when he watches sports, but his penis, well, it doesn't really show up for the game after a few cold ones, you know what I mean? Between college games and the pros, you'll be lucky if you are getting action once a week. He's charming and cute, but you should know that his charm doesn't last forever. You'll find out soon enough what I mean by that.

More from The Stir: What Makes a Woman 'Wife Material': Men Reveal the Surprising Truth. We've been done for three years, and I am still paying off charges he made on my credit cards. Watch your wallet, sweetheart. He's never done a load of laundry in his life. He was spoiled by his mom and then I fell into the trap as well. It is a good thing he is cute, right?

The kids didn't deserve to have their parents split up, and it has been rough on them. Don't get in the way of him spending time with them, and we won't have any issues.

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You need to be really clear about your goals — both professional and personal — and hash it out with them. If someone is still figuring things out, it might not be time to sign a lease together, or even be totally exclusive, just yet. You might find that a younger partner does want to get serious right away or that every fight seems like the end of the world.

A younger partner might be harder to break up with because of this. Try to be as diplomatic as possible. Even if you have sage life advice to impart, know when to just STFU.

Once a Cheater...

Know when you can offer help and when they just want you to listen to them. Because I feel like you'll get more accomplished as a team faster vs doing it by oneself It isn't like she was 18 or Who cares, she's young. When you're a man at that age, you get your pick of the litter. When I was 16, all the girls dated guys years old.

You girls started it. I say that because 21 year olds are obviously legal to drink and its tough to date someone you can't take to the bar with you. We are allowed to drink at By the way, it is a question of maturity, no doubt. Maybe the girl is very mature, you don't know Sorry, but plenty of girls that age aren't very different mentally from girls in late twenties.

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And they're a lot hotter. I know women hate it and look down at it when men their age get younger women--but that's just how it is, something men can and often will do. And according to reports, it's awesome, lmao. If you agreed with it, I would be shocked. Women hate it when men their age date younger girls, because they must. It's a hatred borne of need. If men your age, late twenties, all decided to chase younger women when they hit the age to marriage, it would spell a lot of trouble for single women who didn't marry early.

As much as girls will down-vote me: That, and if you can get a younger girl, as a guy He makes a point I am actually a very good looking girl myself and have a lot of guys asking me out. I just want to know what a guy his age would have in common with a girl that age! P I think its disgusting. The girl was only asking about his thought process From the looks of it you are either a multiple account of the QA bengi or just as petty, jealous and judgmental. I don't think its any of your business,your broke up so you should move on for your own sake.

I'm 21 dating a 26 year old. Sometimes my maturity surpasses his. You cannot judge saying he just wants young boot because you do not know her. Personally you sound jealous. But on the other hand if she knew he just came out of a relationship, she should know she's a rebound. I think you should forget it and move on, he has.

I have a sister who is 22 and even she thinks it's messed up. I don't know I'm sorry.


18 Ex-Wives Give Advice to His New Younger Woman | CafeMom

He probably wanted a 'yes' girl. The only thing I can think from HER point of view is that he is an older, good looking guy, has his own place and maybe she thinks its 'cool'. I've got stuff in my bf's but it was gradual lol. More like 2 years We both have our own place though in our case. IMHO, let her find out, she will for sure if he's truly a loser, and seeing that he aimed so low on the age range.

I didn't even bring my stuff here until at least a yr! My guy did just the opposite. He's 28, I'm 27 and the woman he dated before me is almost She was a little bytch who cheated and lied and cheated and lied, basically broke his heart. He says now he's happy to be with someone 'on his level' and that losing her was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Unless this young lady is really mature for her age, he'll hit it then quit it pretty quick because he'll decide dealing with her bullshyte isn't worth having a cute young thing on his arm. What could a guy his age have in common with someone that young? Probably little if he's at the healthy development phase for his age however that likely doesn't matter to him as in my observations guys pay far more attention to a gal's youth and beauty than what they have in common with her. Is it only for booty? Likely he mainly wants her for booty however he wants a relationship with her to be more than booty as guys seem to prize and value having a younger partner so they tend to put more effort in the relationship.

What substance is there? Probably little substance though he as guys tend to prefer much younger than gals their own age or gals older than themselves. I'm 20 and In a serious relationship with with a 41 year old man..

18 Ex-Wives Give Advice to His New Younger Woman

I can't imagine being with anyone else. My life is not in any way restricted by this difference.. I am still able to find my own path. I'm happier than I've ever been.

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Your ex might be dating her for arm candy, but there could also be some real substance. If he's happy and there's no harm being done, there's no reason for concern. I've gotten many comments like that, but I never see his age. Our spirits are equal, and the love is very strong. I'm happy, and if others take issue, I let them without caring. And even if it was it's not your concern, sorry but its not illegal or against anyone's will so why do you care? I am sure she has some common sense and her own friends to watch out for her so if it's not an issue to anyone else I think it's safe for you to let them get it on and have their fun That doesn't seem like a large age gap.

They still have a lot of common interests and are within the same generation. Perhaps 10 years is a larger gap, but still not a big deal.

I wouldn't look too far into it, especially as an ex. Let him do what he pleases. As an ex, you should move on and put your interests into other things like interests, hobbies, work, school, etc. I am only 21, and I've date guys much older than me. The biggest misconception about girls around my age is that we are all crazy party girls and have no "life experience. You have to remember that we aren't children, although some still act like them.

I have no problem relating to people. I see myself as much more than some "booty. Stupid younger girls sometimes think they are "cooler" for dating an older guy, and the guy likes that. Your ex bragging about being with some "hot new girl" a week after you broke up sounds like he is only going for her as a rebound and as a bragging point. He can tell his friends that his young new girl believes anything he says and will do anything he asks simply because he is older.

It all depends on the two people involved. I feel like the fact that he was with her so soon is an indicator that she IS a rebound. Yeah, they just seem like they are involved in a fake relationship that makes them both look good or something.

ex is dating a younger girl Ex is dating a younger girl
ex is dating a younger girl Ex is dating a younger girl
ex is dating a younger girl Ex is dating a younger girl
ex is dating a younger girl Ex is dating a younger girl
ex is dating a younger girl Ex is dating a younger girl

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